​Pathobiology and Mechanisms of Disease

Cory Abate-Shen, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of cancer development, Genitourinary cancer development

Address: ICRC 217A
Phone: 212-851-4731
Email: cabateshen@columbia.edu

Swarnali Acharyya, PhD

Research Interests: Exploring mechanisms of drug resistance and cancer metastasis

Address: ICRC 402B
Phone: 212-851-4791
Email: sa3141@icg.cpmc.columbia.edu

Dritan Agalliu, PhD

Research Interests: Dynamic Imaging of the CNS Vasculature, CNS and Retina Vascular Biology , Blood-Brain Barrier Biology, Neuroimmunology, Models of Psychiatric Disorders

Address: BB 310
Phone: 212-305-0323
Email: da191@cumc.columbia.edu

Rando Allikmets, PhD

Research Interests: Genetic studies of Mendelian and complex eye diseases (Stargardt macular dystrophy, Macular Telangiectasia, age-related macular degeneration, etc.) , Development of microarray-based and next generation sequencing-based diagnostic applications for eye diseases., Gene- and small molecule therapy for retinal disorders

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 202
Phone: 212-305-8989
Email: rla22@columbia.edu

Ottavio Arancio, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Biophysics/Ion Channels, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neurobiology of Disease

Address: P&S 12-420D
Phone: 212-342-0533
Email: oa1@cumc.columbia.edu

Edmund Au, PhD

Research Interests: Cell Lineage Specification , Neuronal Migration , Synaptic Specificity, Models of Psychiatric Illness

Address: BB 1411A
Phone: 212-305-0406
Email: ea2515@cumc.columbia.edu

Richard Axel, MD

Research Interests: Sensory Physiology, Neurogenetics, Synapses and Circuits

Address: JLGSC L8-001
Phone: 212-853-1006
Email: ra27@columbia.edu

Richard Baer, PhD

Research Interests: The pathogenesis of hereditary breast cancer

Address: ICRC 503A
Phone: 212-851-5275
Email: rb670@columbia.edu

Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Discovering the mechanisms that produce the epithelial phenotype during the conversion of mesenchymal cells

Address: P&S 10-445
Phone: 212-305-1890
Email: jmb4@columbia.edu

Francesca Bartolini, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular and cellular biology of neurodegeneration; the regulation and functioin of the microtubule cytoskeleton at synapse 

Address: P&S 14-460
Phone: 212-305-7299
Email: fb2132@cumc.columbia.edu

Uttiya Basu, PhD

Research Interests: RNA surveillance, noncoding RNA processing and DNA alteration events in lymphocytes

Address: HHSC 1308
Phone: 212-305-1815
Email: ub2121@columbia.edu

Elizabeth Bradshaw, PhD

Research interest: Translational and Computational Neuro-immunology

Address: P&S 5-420A
Phone: 212-305-3609
Email: emb2280@cumc.columbia.edu

Julie Canman, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular regulation of cell division and mechanisms of diversity during cytokinesis

Address: P&S 14-453
Phone: 212-305-5017
Email: jcc2210@columbia.edu

Peter Canoll, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Mechanisms of glioma growth and invasion

Address: ICRC 1001
Phone: 212-851-4632
Email: pc561@columbia.edu

Christine Chio, PhD

Research Interests: Preclinical therapeutics in genetically engineered mouse models of pancreatic cancer, Redox biology, Cancer metabolism, Ex vivo 3D organoid platforms to study pancreatic cancer

Address: ICRC 505
Phone: 212-851-4967
Email: ic2445@cumc.columbia.edu

Eunhee Choi, PhD

Research Interests: to delineate mechanisms underlying the mutual regulation between cell division and metabolism by combining mouse genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and cryo-EM structure.

Address: P&S 14-509
Phone: 212-305-1381
Email: ec3477@cumc.columbia.edu

Lorraine Clark, PhD

Research Interests: Genetics of neurological and neurodegenerative disease, Personalized genomic medicine, Human Genetics

Address: Russ Berrie 307
Phone: 212-851-5403
Email: lc654@columbia.edu

Piero Dalerba, MD

Research Interests: Application of single-cell technologies for the analysis of tissue cell composition. Identification and clinical development of novel predictive biomarkers to guide therapeutic algorithm design in human colon and breast cancer

Address: ICRC 505A
Phone: 212-851-4913
Email: pdd2109@columbia.edu

Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD

Research Interests: Molecular genetics of cancer; molecular pathogenesis of lymphoma and leukemia; genetic control in lymphoid tissue development

Address: ICRC 508
Phone: 212-851-5273
Email: rd10@columbia.edu

Claudia Doege, MD

Research interest: Molecular mechanisms of human obesity, patient-specific disease modeling, human stem cell-derived hypothalamic neurons, genome editing

Address: Russ Berrie 615
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: cad2114@cumc.columbia.edu

Dietrich Egli, PhD

Research Interests: Pluripotent stem cell

Address: RB 607B
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: de2220@cumc.columbia.edu

Wassim Elyaman, PhD

Research Interests: Translational and Computational Neuro-immunology

Address: PH 19
Phone: 212-305-4759
Email: we2152@cumc.columbia.edu

Qing Fan, PhD

Research Interests: Structural biology, Cell surface receptor - ligand recognition

Address: PH 7W 318
Phone: 212-342-0115
Email: qf13@cumc.columbia.edu

Amin Ghabrial, PhD

Research Interests: Regulation of tube morphogenesis using novel optogenetic tools, as well as the further elaboration of the CCM3/GckIII pathway

Address: P&S 15-421
Phone: 212-305-8171
Email: asg2236@cumc.columbia.edu

James Goldman, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Cell Specification and Differentiation, Stem Cell Biology, Glial Development and Pathology, Tuberous Sclerosis/Epilepsy/Autism Spectrum Disorders

Address: P&S 15-405
Phone: 212-305-3554
Email: jeg5@cumc.columbia.edu

Wei Gu, PhD

Research Interests: P53 in tumor suppression and aging

Address: ICRC 609A
Phone: 212-851-5282
Email: wg8@columbia.edu

Gregg Gundersen, PhD

Research Interests: The regulation and function of the microtubule cytoskeleton

Address: P&S 15-402
Phone: 212-305-1899
Email: ggg1@columbia.edu

Rebecca Haeusler, PhD

Research Interests: Understand the development of pro-atherogenic metabolic abnormalities in the natural history of diabetes and the metabolic syndrome

Address: Russ Berrie 303A
Phone: 212-851-4899
Email: rah2130@cumc.columbia.edu

Ulrich Hengst, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: BB 1210A
Phone: 212-305-9334
Email: uh2112@cumc.columbia.edu

Eldad Hod, MD

Research Interests: Using in vitro systems, mouse models, and human studies to investigate important problems relating to red blood cell transfusion and iron biology, particularly related to refrigerated storage, iron deficiency, hemolytic transfusion reactions, red blood cell senescence, and phagocytosis

Address: P&S 14-434
Phone: 212-342-5648
Email: eh2217@cumc.columbia.edu

Krystalyn Hudson, PhD

Research Interests: immune response to red blood cells

Address: P&S 14-511
Phone: 212-305-6944
Email: keh2197@cumc.columbia.edu

Minah Kim, PhD

Research Interests: to understand the molecular mechanisms that drive immune and vascular changes in order to overcome the limitation of current anti-angiogenic therapy and immunotherapy.

Address: P&S 14-401
Phone: 212-305-1986
Email: mk4242@cumc.columbia.edu

Tae-Wan Kim, PhD

Research Interests: Neurogenetics, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Disease

Address: P&S 12-430
Phone: 212-305-5786
Email: twk16@cumc.columbia.edu

Ronald Liem, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: P&S 15-421
Phone: 212-305-4078
Email: rkl2@columbia.edu

Fangming Lin, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Kidney injury and repair

Address: P&S 9-401B
Phone: 212-305-0793
Email: fl2300@columbia.edu

Ian Lipkin, MD

Research Interests: Immunopathogenesis and infectious diseases

Address: MSPH 1801
Phone: 212-342-9033
Email: wil2001@columbia.edu

Xiaoxiao Shawn Liu, PhD

Research Interests: Epigenome in physiology and disease

Address: Russ Berrie 403
Phone: 212-851-5340
Email: sl4738@cumc.columbia.edu

Gustavo Maegawa, MD, PhD

Research Interests: lysosomal diseases

Address: CHN 7
Email: gm3025@cumc.columbia.edu

Carol Mason, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: JLGSC L3-043
Phone: 212-853-1084
Email: cam4@cumc.columbia.edu

Vilas Menon, PhD

Research Interests: researching the dysregulation of cell types and cell type interactions in neurodegenerative disease, using network-based modeling of transcriptomic data.

Address: PH 19
Email: vm2545@cumc.columbia.edu

Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD

Research Interests: Identification of progenitors important for formation and regeneration of the urothelium, Stem cell populations that give rise to bladder cancers, Genetics of lower urinary tract malformations as part of the Columbia University O'Brien Research Center (http://cumcobriencenter.com/), Generating a molecular and cellular atlas of the mouse and human lower urinary tract (https://beta.gudmap.org/tutorials/urogenital-dev/), Role of Pparg in urothelial development, regeneration and bladder cancer

Address: ICRC 311
Phone: 212-851-4781
Email: clm20@cumc.columbia.edu

George Mentis, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Sensory Physiology, Synapses and Circuits, Motor Systems

Address: P&S 4-450
Phone: 212-305-9846
Email: gzm2002@columbia.edu

Umrao Monani, PhD

Research Interests: Pediatric Neurology, Neurobiology of Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Synapses and Circuits

Address: P&S 5-422
Phone: 212-342-5132
Email: um2105@columbia.edu

Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, DPhil

Research Interests: The biology of blood development, in particular, malignant and pre-malignant diseases such as myelodysplasia (MDS) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)

Address: ICRC 603
Phone: 212-851-4617
Email: sm3252@columbia.edu

Natura Myeku, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding proteinopathy-induced diseases and their relationship with protein quality control in the cell.

Address: P&S
Phone: 212-304-7884
Email: nm2631@cumc.columbia.edu

Marta Olah, PhD

Research Interests: microglia phenotypes associated with brain plasticity and regeneration

Address: NI
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: mo2738@cumc.columbia.edu

Kenneth Olive, PhD

Research Interests: Preclinical therapeutics in genetically engineered mouse models of pancreatic cancer

Address: ICRC 217
Phone: 212-851-4678
Email: kenolive@columbia.edu

David Owens, PhD

Research Interests: The contributions of stem cells and differentiated cells to epidermal cancer

Address: Russ Berrie 312A
Phone: 212-851-4544
Email: do2112@cumc.columbia.edu

Teresa Palomero Vazquez, PhD

Research Interests: the genetic and molecular bases of T-cell leukemia and lymphoma, with special interest in the development of targeted therapies for the treatment of these aggressive hematologic tumors

Address: ICRC 401B
Phone: 212-851-4778
Email: tp2151@cumc.columbia.edu

Laura Pasqualucci, MD

Research Interests: Elucidating the genetic basis of mature B cell malignancies, with emphasis on the two most common subtypes, diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and follicular lymphoma (FL)

Address: ICRC 507B
Phone: 212-851-5248
Email: lp171@cumc.columbia.edu

Livio Pellizzoni, PhD

Research Interests: RNA biology, RNA processing, motor neuron biology and diseases, molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, synapses and circuits, cellular/molecular/developmental neuroscience

Address: P&S 5-421
Phone: 212-305-3046
Email: lp2284@columbia.edu

Yueqing Peng, PhD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of sleep, Systems and circutis, Epilepsy/psychiatric disorders, Sensory physiology

Address: HHSC 513
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: yp2249@cumc.columbia.edu

Liza Pon, PhD

Research Interests: Cytosketetal control of organelle movements and segregation during cell division

Address: P&S 14-442
Phone: 212-305-1947
Email: lap5@cumc.columbia.edu

Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neurodegeneration, Neurobiology of Disease, Molecular and Cellular Biology of Neurodegeneration , Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neuron Biology and Diseases, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Mitochondria Biology and Disease, Mitophagy, Neuroinflammation, Microglia, Astrocytes, Apoptosis, Necroptosis, Bioinfomatics, High-throughput Screening, Stem Cell Biology, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Motor Systems

Address: P&S 5-420
Phone: 212-342-4119
Email: sp30@cumc.columbia.edu

Li Qiang, PhD

Research Interests: posttranslational modifications (PTMs) of transcription factors in the pathophysiology of diabetes and obesity, and their associated comorbidities, including hepatic steatosis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Address: P&S 16-437
Phone: 212-851-4929
Email: lq2123@cumc.columbia.edu

Jianwen Que, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem/progenitor cells of the foregut

Address: BB 8-810
Phone: 212-305-5961
Email: jq2240@cumc.columbia.edu

Kapil Ramachandran, PhD

Research Interests: a new mechanism of protein degradation in neurons that generates a new form of neuromodulation. 

Address: PH 18
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: kvr2113@cumc.columbia.edu

Juan Manuel Schvartzman, MD, PhD

Research Interests: understanding how extra- and intra-cellular metabolism regulate chromatin biology

Address: HIP 8th Floor
Email: js5279@cumc.columbia.edu

Mimi Shirasu-Hiza, PhD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neurogenetics, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Circadian-regulated metabolism, Glial development and pathology, Sleep, Mitochondria biology and disease.

Address: HHSC 1602
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: ms4095@columbia.edu

Janet Sparrow, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the composition of RPE bisretinoid lipofuscin and conditions modulating its formation, Investigating links between RPE lipofuscin and drusen formation in age-related macular degeneration, Development of therapies to limit RPE lipofuscin formation, Interpretation of patterns of fundus autofluorescence in retinal disorders, Quantitation of fundus autofluorescence intensities

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 701
Phone: 212-305-9944
Email: jrs88@columbia.edu

Steven Spitalnik, MD

Research Interests: The biology of red blood cells

Address: P&S 14-434
Phone: 212-305-2204
Email: ss2479@cumc.columbia.edu

Ira Tabas, PhD

Research Interests: Cellular and molecular processes related to arterial wall biology and atherogenesis

Address: PH 8 East 105F
Phone: 212-305-9430
Email: iat1@columbia.edu

Alison Taylor, PhD

Research Interests: understanding the role of aneuploidy in tumor development. 

Address: P&S
Email: at3488@cumc.columbia.edu

Andrew Teich, MD

Research Interests: The intersection of systems biology and neurodegenerative disease

Address: P&S 12-420B
Phone: 212-305-2861
Email: aft25@cumc.columbia.edu

Carol Troy, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Neurobiology of Disease, Regulation of the neurovascular unit

Address: BB 1210C
Phone: 212-305-3119
Email: cmt2@cumc.columbia.edu

Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair , Stem Cell Biology, Sensory Physiology, Genome Surgery, Gene Therapy

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 513
Phone: 212-342-1189
Email: sht2@columbia.edu

Richard Vallee, PhD

Research Interests: Motor Proteins in Neurogenesis and Neuronal Migration, Stem Cell Biology, Motor Proteins in Axonal Transport, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cell Specification and Differentiation

Address: P&S 15-409
Phone: 212-342-0546
Email: rv2025@columbia.edu

Clarissa Waites, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Synapses and Circuits

Address: BB 1210B
Phone: 212-305-6025
Email: cw2622@columbia.edu

Harris Wang, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the key principles that drive the formation, maintenance, and evolution of genomes within and across microbial populations

Address: Lasker Building 2-203BB
Phone: 212-305-1697
Email: hw2429@cumc.columbia.edu

Hynek Wichterle, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Stem Cell Biology, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: P&S 14-401G
Phone: 212-342-3929
Email: hw350@cumc.columbia.edu

Howard Worman, MD

Research Interests: Our laboratory is interested in determining how mutations in genes encoding proteins of the inner nuclear membrane cause a wide variety of inherited diseases, including muscular dystrophies, cardiomyopathy, lipodystophy and accelerated aging disorders., We are also intrested in liver diseases, including fatty liver disease and autoimmune liver diseasess such as primary biliary cirrhosis.

Address: P&S 10-508
Phone: 212-305-1306
Email: hjw14@cumc.columbia.edu

Ai Yamamoto, PhD

Research Interests: Roles of macroautophagy in the healthy and diseased CNS, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Disease, Protein trafficking

Address: Black Building 301B
Phone: 212-305-9206
Email: ay46@columbia.edu

Darrell Yamashiro, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Tumor genetics and the design of innovative therapies

Address: Irving Pavilion 7
Phone: 212-305-5808
Email: dy39@columbia.edu

Hee Won Yang, PhD

Research Interests: Cancer biology, Systems biology, Cell biology, Synthetic biology

Address: P&S 14-503
Phone: 212-305-1966
Email: hy2602@cumc.columbia.edu

Andrew Yates, PhD

Research Interests: Integrating theoretical and computational tools with more traditional experimental approaches to study multiple aspects of lymphocyte dynamics

Address: HHSC 310
Phone: 212-305-4035
Email: andrew.yates@columbia.edu

Lori Zeltser, PhD

Research Interests: Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Sympathetic Innervation of Brown Adipose Tissue, Maternal Programming of Metabolic Disease, Models of Psychiatric Disorders (Anorexia), Circuits Regulating Food Intake and Body Weight

Address: Russ Berrie 628
Phone: 212-851-5314
Email: lz146@columbia.edu

Shan Zha, MD, PhD

Research Interests: The molecular mechanisms of DNA damage response and their roles in lymphocyte gene-rearrangement

Address: ICRC 505A
Phone: 212-851-4779
Email: sz2296@columbia.edu

Xin Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: Mechanism of FGF signaling in eye development, Molecular regulatioin of cell shape, adhesion and migration, Glial development and pathology, Neural degeneration and repair

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 901
Phone: 212-342-4446
Email: xz2369@cumc.columbia.edu

Zhiguo Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: Epigenetic inheritance and Cancer Epigenetics

Address: ICRC 407A
Phone: 212-851-4936
Email: zz2401@cumc.columbia.edu