​Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies

Hasan Abaci, PhD

Research Interests: recapitulating and understanding the chemical and biomechanical microenvironment in skin morphogenesis and regeneration using advanced 3D human skin models

Address: RB 3rd Floor
Email: hea2113@cumc.columbia.edu

Cory Abate-Shen, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of cancer development, Genitourinary cancer development

Address: ICRC 217A
Phone: 212-851-4731
Email: cabateshen@columbia.edu

Larry Abbott, PhD

Research Interests: Theoretical Neuroscience, Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience, Computation and Theory, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Address: Kolb Research Annex Unit 87 Rm 759
Phone: 212-543-5070
Email: lfa2103@columbia.edu

Domenico Accili, MD

Research Interests: The Accili laboratory studies the mechanism of insulin action and the pathogenesis of diabetes, with a focus on pancreatic beta cell failure

Address: Russ Berrie 238
Phone: 212-851-5332
Email: da230@columbia.edu

Swarnali Acharyya, PhD

Research Interests: Exploring mechanisms of drug resistance and cancer metastasis.

Address: ICRC 402B
Phone: 212-851-4791
Email: sa3141@icg.cpmc.columbia.edu

Dritan Agalliu, PhD

Research Interests: Dynamic Imaging of the CNS Vasculature, CNS and Retina Vascular Biology , Blood-Brain Barrier Biology, Neuroimmunology, Models of Psychiatric Disorders

Address: BB 310
Phone: 212-305-0323
Email: da191@cumc.columbia.edu

Hashim Al-Hashimi, PhD

Research Interests: developing new methods for ‘imaging’ the dynamics of nucleic acids at atomic resolution and to use this knowledge to help bridge the scales from the test tube, to cells, to organisms.

Address: HHSC 10th Floor
Phone: 212-305-5897
Email: ha2639@cumc.columbia.edu

Rando Allikmets, PhD

Research Interests: Genetic studies of Mendelian and complex eye diseases (Stargardt macular dystrophy, Macular Telangiectasia, age-related macular degeneration, etc.) , Development of microarray-based and next generation sequencing-based diagnostic applications for eye diseases., Gene- and small molecule therapy for retinal disorders.

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 202
Phone: 212-305-8989
Email: rla22@columbia.edu

Mohammed AlQuraishi, PhD

Research Interests: Intersection of machine learning, biophysics, and systems biology.

Address: PH18-200
Email: ma4129@cumc.columbia.edu

Dimitris Anastassiou, PhD

Research Interests: Computational biology with emphasis on biomolecular data mining and analysis.

Address: CEPSR 719
Phone: 212-854-3113
Email: anastas@ee.columbia.edu

Mark Ansorge, PhD

Research Interests: models of Psychiatric Disorders, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Synapses and Circuits

Address: NYSPI 4915
Phone: 646-774-6216
Email: ma2362@cumc.columbia.edu

Ottavio Arancio, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Biophysics/Ion Channels, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neurobiology of Disease

Address: P&S 12-420D
Phone: 212-342-0533
Email: oa1@cumc.columbia.edu

Nicholas Arpaia, PhD

Research Interests: Mucosal immunity, Tissue repair, Immunometabolism, Host-microbe interactions

Address: HHSC 910C
Phone: 212-305-1379
Email: na2697@cumc.columbia.edu

Edmund Au, PhD

Research Interests: Cell Lineage Specification , Neuronal Migration , Synaptic Specificity, Models of Psychiatric Illness

Address: BB 1411A
Phone: 212-305-0406
Email: ea2515@cumc.columbia.edu

Richard Axel, MD

Research Interests: Sensory Physiology, Neurogenetics, Synapses and Circuits

Address: JLGSC L8-001
Phone: 212-853-1006
Email: ra27@columbia.edu

Richard Baer, PhD

Research Interests: The pathogenesis of hereditary breast cancer

Address: ICRC 503A
Phone: 212-851-5275
Email: rb670@columbia.edu

Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Discovering the mechanisms that produce the epithelial phenotype during the conversion of mesenchymal cells. 

Address: P&S 10-445
Phone: 212-305-1890
Email: jmb4@columbia.edu

Francesca Bartolini, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular and cellular biology of neurodegeneration; the regulation and functioin of the microtubule cytoskeleton at synapse 

Address: P&S 14-460
Phone: 212-305-7299
Email: fb2132@cumc.columbia.edu

Adam Bass, MD

Research Interests: genomics of gastrointestinal cancers

Address: ICRC 3rd Floor
Phone: 212-305-2055
Email: ab5147@cumc.columbia.edu

Uttiya Basu, PhD

Research Interests: RNA surveillance, noncoding RNA processing and DNA alteration events in lymphocytes.

Address: HHSC 1308
Phone: 212-305-1815
Email: ub2121@columbia.edu

Robert Bauer, PhD

Research Interests: Cardiometabolic translational research

Address: P&S 10-401
Phone: 212-305-3094
Email: rcb36@cumc.columbia.edu

Hülya Bayir, MD

Research Interests: Dection and mitigation of brain injuires

Address: CHN 10
Email: hb2753@cumc.columbia.edu

Rudy Behnia, PhD

Research Interests: Sensory Physiology, Synapses and Circuits , Systems and Circuits

Address: JLGSC L8-008
Phone: 212-853-0716
Email: rb3161@columbia.edu

Luke Berchowitz, PhD

Research Interests: Amyloid biology

Address: HHSC 1520
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: leb2210@cumc.columbia.edu

Elizabeth Bradshaw, PhD

Research interest: Translational and Computational Neuro-immunology

Address: P&S 5-420A
Phone: 212-305-3609
Email: emb2280@cumc.columbia.edu

Harmen Bussemaker, PhD

Research Interests: Data-driven predictive modeling of gene regulatory networks.

Address: 607E Fairchild
Phone: 212-854-9932
Email: hjb2004@columbia.edu

Andrea Califano, PhD

Research Interests: using systems biology principles to elucidate and then investigate cell regulatory networks. .

Address: ICRC 912
Phone: 212-851-5183
Email: ac2248@columbia.edu

Julie Canman, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular regulation of cell division and mechanisms of diversity during cytokinesis

Address: P&S 14-453
Phone: 212-305-5017
Email: jcc2210@columbia.edu

Peter Canoll, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Mechanisms of glioma growth and invasion

Address: ICRC 1001
Phone: 212-851-4632
Email: pc561@columbia.edu

Wellington Cardoso, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Progenitor/Stem cell biology , Lung development and repair-regeneration, Airway epithelial differentiation and pathogenesis of chronic airway diseases, Developmental basis of adult lung disease

Address: BB 8-812
Phone: 212-342-3971
Email: wvc2104@columbia.edu

Chia-Wei Cheng, PhD

Research Interests: the interface of nutritional and transcriptional regulatory networks

Address: BB 1109
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: cc4688@cumc.columbia.edu

Christine Chio, PhD

Research Interests: preclinical therapeutics in genetically engineered mouse models of pancreatic cancer, redox biology, cancer metabolism, ex vivo 3D organoid platforms to study pancreatic cancer

Address: ICRC 505
Phone: 212-851-4967
Email: ic2445@cumc.columbia.edu

Eunhee Choi, PhD

Research Interests: to delineate mechanisms underlying the mutual regulation between cell division and metabolism by combining mouse genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and cryo-EM structure.

Address: P&S 14-509
Phone: 212-305-1381
Email: ec3477@cumc.columbia.edu

Angela Christiano, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular basis of inherited skin and hair disorders in humans and mice.

Address: RB 3-307
Phone: 212-851-4850
Email: amc65@cumc.columbia.edu

Hachung Chung, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding how self-RNA sensing shapes human immune responses

Address: HHSC 1506
Phone: 212-305-3567
Email: hc3070@cumc.columbia.edu

Wendy Chung, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Human genetic research of monogenic and complex traits including diseases such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, inherited arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, obesity, diabetes, congenital diaphragmatic hernias, and autism. 

Address: CHONY 6N 601A
Phone: 212-851-5313
Email: wkc15@cumc.columbia.edu

Alberto Ciccia, PhD

Research Interests: Maintenance of genome stability, Breast and ovarian cancer, Genome editing

Address: ICRC 309
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: ac3685@columbia.edu

Oliver Clarke, PhD

Research Interests: Structural understanding of the mechanism by which intracellular calcium release is trigged, modulated and terminated.  

Address: 1150 St Nicholas Avenue
Phone: 212-851-4964
Email: oc2188@cumc.columbia.edu

Henry Colecraft, PhD

Research Interests: Biophysics/Ion Channels, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: Russ Berrie 504
Phone: 212-851-5372
Email: hc2405@columbia.edu

Carla Concepcion-Crisol, PhD

Research Interests: Chromatin regulation in lung cancer

Address: ICRC 7-401
Email: cpc2172@cumc.columbia.edu

Virginia Cornish, PhD

Research Interests: co-opt biological systems to synthesize and evolve chemical diversity by bringing together modern methods in chemical synthesis and DNA technology.

Address: Havemeyer
Phone: 212-854-5209
Email: vc114@columbia.edu

Frank Costantini, PhD

Research Interests: the role of cell-cell signaling and signal transduction in renal organogenesis, with emphasis on the Ret receptor tyrosine kinase. 

Address: HHSC 1418
Phone: 212-305-6814
Email: fdc3@columbia.edu

Remi Creusot, PhD

Research Interests: Immune tolerance, Autoimmunity, Type 1 diabetes, Dendritic cells, Stromal cells, Humanized mice

Address: BB 1501
Phone: 212-305-4735
Email: rjc2150@cumc.columbia.edu

Piero Dalerba, MD

Research Interests: Application of single-cell technologies for the analysis of tissue cell composition. Identification and clinical development of novel predictive biomarkers to guide therapeutic algorithm design in human colon and breast cancer

Address: ICRC 505A
Phone: 212-851-4913
Email: pdd2109@columbia.edu

Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD

Research Interests: To elucidate the pathogenesis of cancers derived from B lymphocytes, known as B cell lymphomas. 

Address: ICRC 508
Phone: 212-851-5273
Email: rd10@columbia.edu

Tal Danino, PhD

Research Interests: Exploring the emerging field of synthetic biology, focusing on engineering bacteria gene circuits to create novel behaviors that have biomedical applications.

Address: 1000M Northwest Corner Building
Phone: 212-853-0787
Email: td2506@columbia.edu

Lei Ding, PhD

Research Interests: hematopoietic stem cell biology, extrinsic regulation of stem cells, hematopoietic malignancies

Address: P&S 7-513
Phone: 212-305-7468
Email: ld2567@columbia.edu

Jane Dodd, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: JLGSC L3-045
Phone: 212-853-0410
Email: jd18@cumc.columbia.edu

Nicolino Valerio Dorrello, MD

Research Interests: Elucidating the optimal strategies to selectively remove defective lung epithelial cells and supportthe proliferation and differentiation of lung progenitors towards healthy epithelium and ultimately lung repair.

Address: CHN 5
Phone: 212-305-8458
Email: nvd2107@cumc.columbia.edu

Jonathan Dworkin, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding how dormant cells of various bacteria (B. subtilis, M. tuberculosis, and M. luteus) re-initiate growth. 

Address: HHSC 1218
Phone: 212-342-3731
Email: jed2113@columbia.edu

Dietrich Egli, PhD

Research Interests: Cell reprogramming and stem cell differentiation, cell cycle, genome stability, early human development, preventing heritable disease, cell therapy

Address: Russ Berrie 315
Phone: 212-851-4890
Email: de2220@cumc.columbia.edu

Yasmine El-Shamayleh, PhD

Research Interests: Neural basis of vision

Address: JLGSC L6
Phone: 212-853-0285
Email: yasmine.shamayleh@columbia.edu

Wassim Elyaman, PhD

Research Interests: Translational and Computational Neuro-immunology

Address: PH 19
Phone: 212-305-4759
Email: we2152@cumc.columbia.edu

Qing Fan, PhD

Research Interests: Structural biology; cell surface receptor - ligand recognition

Address: P&S 7-430
Phone: 212-342-0115
Email: qf13@columbia.edu

Donna Farber, PhD

Research Interests: Immunological memory and memory T cells.

Address: BB 1701G
Phone: 212-305-6030
Email: df2396@cumc.columbia.edu

Anthony Ferrante, PhD

Research Interests: Work in the Ferrante Laboratory has revealed that the immune system recognizes and responds to changes in metabolic function. Studies in the laboratory focus on how the immune and metabolic systems interact.

Address: Russ Berrie 238
Phone: 212-851-5322
Email: awf7@columbia.edu

Giovanni Ferrari, PhD

Research Interests: Heart valve and vascular cell physiology, cardiac biomechanics, and the brain-heart axis.

Address: BB 4th Floor
Phone: 212-305-8615
Email: gf2375@cumc.columbia.edu

David Fidock, PhD

Research Interests: Malaria drug resistance, chemotherapy, pathogenesis, fatty acid metabolism, cell development.

Address: HHSC 1502
Phone: 212-305-0816
Email: df2260@columbia.edu

Barry Fine, MD, PhD

Research Interests: signal transduction cascades in endogenous cardiac stem cells, and specifically their role in heart failure

Address: PH 3-127
Phone: 212-305-5755
Email: barry.fine@columbia.edu

Anthony Fitzpatrick, PhD

Research Interests: To make much-needed progress in treating brain disorders, we have to decipher the disease from the bottom up. From Alzheimer’s disease to CTE and beyond, cryo-EM gives us the power to do that.

Address: JLGSC L4-052
Phone: 212-853-1183
Email: awf2130@columbia.edu

Aris Floratos, PhD

Research Interests: Developing collaborative bioinformatics software to support the analysis and visualization of genomic data from a wide range of domains (gene expression, sequence, protein structure, and systems biology). 

Address: ICRC 801
Phone: 212-851-5139
Email: af2202@cumc.columbia.edu

Wayne Frankel, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the genetic basis of neurological disorders with an emphasis on epilepsy and a growing interest in closely related synaptic disorders that include seizures, such as autism and intellectual disability.

Address: HHSC 611A
Phone: 212-305-4435
Email: wf2218@cumc.columbia.edu

Richard Friesner, PhD

Address: 626 Havemeyer Hall
Phone: 212-854-7606
Email: rich@chem.columbia.edu

Christine Garcia, MD, PhD

Research interest: Genetics of adult lung disorders

Address: BB 903
Phone: 212-304-7658
Email: ckg2116@cumc.columbia.edu

Ryan Gaudet, PhD

Research Interests: Anti-pathogen effector mechanisms, innate immunity, tissue-specific responses 

Address: HHSC 12th Floor
Email: rg3477@cumc.columbia.edu

Jean Gautier, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the mechanisms driving genomic instability leading to oncogenesis. 

Address: ICRC 603A
Phone: 212-851-4566
Email: jg130@columbia.edu

Vincenzo Gennarino, PhD

Research Interests: RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNA regulatory networks in neurological disorders, Establishment and maintenance of RNA homeostasis in the brain, Developing RNA therapeutic approaches to neurological diseases, Protein dosage and neurological disorders

Address: HHSC 1402
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: vag2138@cumc.columbia.edu

Amin Ghabrial, PhD

Research Interests: Regulation of tube morphogenesis using novel optogenetic tools, as well as the further elaboration of the CCM3/GckIII pathway

Address: P&S 15-421
Phone: 212-305-8171
Email: asg2236@cumc.columbia.edu

Sankar Ghosh, PhD

Research Interests: Inflammation, immune responses and cancer.

Address: HHSC 1210
Phone: 212-304-5257
Email: sg2715@cumc.columbia.edu

Anum Glasgow, PhD

Research Interests: the design principles underlying dynamic, functional proteins: how proteins change conformations, interact with other biomolecules, and cross membranes.

Address: HHSC 1602
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: ag4522@cumc.columbia.edu

Stephen Goff, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of retrovirus replication; tyrosine kinases and signal transduction pathways. 

Address: HHSC 1310C
Phone: 212-305-3794
Email: goff@cancercenter.columbia.edu

Joseph Gogos, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neurogenetics, Models of Psychiatric Disorders, Synapses and Circuits, Neurobiology of Disease

Address: P&S 11-519
Phone: 212-305-0744
Email: jag90@columbia.edu

Michael Goldberg, MD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience, Sensory Physiology, Synapses and Circuits

Address: Kolb Annex 5th Floor
Phone: 212-543-6931
Email: meg2008@columbia.edu

James Goldman, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Cell Specification and Differentiation, Stem Cell Biology, Glial Development and Pathology, Tuberous Sclerosis/Epilepsy/Autism Spectrum Disorders

Address: P&S 15-405
Phone: 212-305-3554
Email: jeg5@cumc.columbia.edu

Ruben Gonzalez Jr., PhD

Research Interests: The thermodynamics, kinetics and structures of these biomolecular assemblies and molecular motors, with specific emphasis on the ribosome and protein synthesis.

Address: Havemeyer Hall
Phone: 212-854-1096
Email: rlg2118@columbia.edu

Eric Greene, PhD

Research Interests: Single-molecule optical microscopy to study fundamental interactions between proteins and nucleic acids.

Address: BB 536
Phone: 212-342-2944
Email: ecg2108@columbia.edu

Iva Greenwald, PhD

Research Interests: LIN-12/Notch signaling and its modulation, cell-cell interactions and cell fate specification , integration of signaling events in development, organogenesis

Address: 815 Fairchild
Phone: 212-305-6928
Email: isg4@columbia.edu

Wesley Grueber, PhD

Research Interests: Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Synapses and Circuits, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cell specification and Differentiation

Address: JLG Science Center L9-006
Phone: 212-853-1024
Email: wg2135@columbia.edu

Wei Gu, PhD

Research Interests: P53 in tumor suppression and aging

Address: ICRC 609A
Phone: 212-851-5282
Email: wg8@columbia.edu

Gregg Gundersen, PhD

Research Interests: The regulation and function of the microtubule cytoskeleton

Address: P&S 15-402
Phone: 212-305-1899
Email: ggg1@columbia.edu

Gamze Gürsoy, PhD

Research Interests: Develop computational and experimental tools to map the regulatory wiring of the chromatin to interrogate the effect of three-dimensional organization of genomes on molecular phenotypes.

Address: PH 20
Email: gg2845@cumc.columbia.edu

Rebecca Haeusler, PhD

Research Interests: Insulin signaling and metabolism

Address: Russ Berrie 303A
Phone: 212-851-4899
Email: rah2130@cumc.columbia.edu

Arnold Han, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Tumor immunity and mucosal autoimmunity. 

Address: BB 15-1501E
Phone: 212-305-2137
Email: ash3@cumc.columbia.edu

Yiping Han, PhD

Research Interests: Host-pathogen interactions, human microbiome, oral-systemic connections 

Phone: 212-342-1790
Email: ywh2102@cumc.columbia.edu

Neil Harrison, PhD

Research Interests: Biophysics/Ion Channels, Synapses and Circuits, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: PH 5
Phone: 212-304-6459
Email: nh2298@columbia.edu

George Hasko, MD, PhD

Research Interests: the role of P1 (adenosine) and P2 (ATP) purinergic receptors in regulating inflammation and organ function in sepsis

Address: PH 5-505
Phone: 212-305-2578
Email: gh2503@cumc.columbia.edu

Rene Hen, PhD

Research Interests: Models of Psychiatric Disorders, Stem Cell Biology

Address: Kolb Annex 767
Phone: 212-543-5328
Email: rh95@columbia.edu

Wayne Hendrickson, PhD

Research Interests: Macromolecular structure and X-ray crystallography.

Address: BB 203
Phone: 212-305-3456
Email: wayne@convex.hhmi.columbia.edu

Ulrich Hengst, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: BB 1210A
Phone: 212-305-9334
Email: uh2112@cumc.columbia.edu

Chi-Min Ho, PhD

Research Interests: Host-pathogen interactions, membrane protein complexes, malaria, cyro electron microscopy and tomography

Address: Hammer 12 Floor
Phone: 212-342-3054
Email: ch3516@cumc.columbia.edu

Oliver Hobert, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Neurogenetics, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: 808 Fairchild
Phone: 212-305-0063
Email: or38@columbia.edu

Barry Honig, PhD

Research Interests: Theoretical research, biophysical measurements, the development of software tools, and specific applications to problems of biological importance. 

Address: ICRC 815
Phone: 212-851-4651
Email: bh6@columbia.edu

Yuefeng Huang, PhD

Research Interests: Innate lymphoid cells in infectious and inflammatory diseases

Address: HHSC 1504
Phone: 212-305-2520
Email: yh3102@cumc.columbia.edu

Krystalyn Hudson, PhD

Research Interests: immune response to red blood cells

Address: P&S 14-511
Phone: 212-305-6944
Email: keh2197@cumc.columbia.edu

Ivaylo Ivanov, PhD

Research Interests: Regulation of mucosal immunity by commensal bacteria.

Address: HHSC 910A
Phone: 212-304-6080
Email: ii2137@columbia.edu

Benjamin Izar, MD, PhD

Research Interests: using multifaceted single-cell technologies to study immune/tumor interactions to dissect and overcome drug resistance.

Address: BB 1706D
Phone: 212-305-3612
Email: bi2175@cumc.columbia.edu

Jonathan Javitch, MD, PhD

Research Interests: G-protein Coupled Receptors: Structural Bases for Pharmacological Specificity and Function, Neurotransmitter Transporters: Biophysics, Biochemistry and Regulation, Neurobiology of Disease, Biophysics/ion Channels, Models of Psychiatric Disorders

Address: Kolb Research Annex 353
Phone: 646-774-8600
Email: jaj2@cumc.columbia.edu

Laura Johnston, PhD

Research Interests: Fitness sensing during organ and tissue growth: internal surveillance mechanisms that promote healthy organ development. 

Address: HHSC 704
Phone: 212-305-1688
Email: lj180@columbia.edu

Itamar Kahn, PhD

Research Interests: fMRI 

Address: JLGSC L4-066
Phone: 212-853-8005
Email: ik2508@columbia.edu

Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Genetics to understand Development, Physiology and Pathogenesis of all diseases. 

Address: HHSC 1602A
Phone: 212-305-6398
Email: gk2172@columbia.edu

Christoph Kellendonk, PhD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neurogenetics, Models of Psychiatric Disorders, Neurobiology of Disease

Address: Kolb 355
Phone: 646-774-8602
Email: ck491@cumc.columbia.edu

Steven Kernie, MD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Disease, Developmental Brain Disease, Effects of Insults on Brain Structure and Function, Stem Cell Biology

Address: CHC 10-24
Phone: 212-305-8458
Email: sk3516@cumc.columbia.edu

Minah Kim, PhD

Research Interests: Cancer Biology and treatment, Immunology, and Vascular Biology

Address: P&S 14-401
Phone: 212-305-1986
Email: mk4242@cumc.columbia.edu

Tae-Wan Kim, PhD

Research Interests: Neurogenetics, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Disease

Address: P&S 14th Floor
Phone: 212-305-5786
Email: twk16@columbia.edu

Krzysztof Kiryluk, MD, MS

Research interest: Kidney development, Kidney transplant, Personalized nephrology 

Address: Russ Berrie 412
Phone: 212-851-4926
Email: kk473@cumc.columbia.edu

Minoree Kohwi, PhD

Research Interests: Cell Specification and Differentiation, Stem Cell Biology, Neural Degeneration and Repair

Address: JLGSC L9-009
Phone: 212-853-1026
Email: mk3632@cumc.columbia.edu

Tal Korem, PhD

Research interest: downstream development of microbiome-based therapeutics using machine learning, network inference and metabolic modelling to obtain a mechanistic understanding of host-microbiome interactions in clinically relevant settings.

Address: PH 18, 201J
Phone: 212-305-3882
Email: tk2889@cumc.columbia.edu

Stavroula Kousteni, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the influence of the skeleton on various physiological processes.

Address: BB 1412
Phone: 212-305-2068
Email: sk2836@columbia.edu

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding brain-computational mechanisms by testing deep neural network models with massively multivariate brain-activity data.

Address: JLGSC L3-064
Phone: 212-854-3608
Email: nk2765@columbia.edu

Laura Landweber, PhD

Research Interests: Genome Rearrangement, Small and Long Noncoding RNAs, Genome Evolution, Molecular Evolution

Address: HHSC 714
Phone: 212-305-3898
Email: Laura.Landweber@columbia.edu

Rudolph Leibel, MD

Research Interests: Genetics of obesity and noninsulin-dependent diabetes

Address: Russ Berrie 620A
Phone: 212-851-5257
Email: rl232@columbia.edu

Ya-Cheng Liao, PhD

Research Interests: 

Address: HHSC
Email: yl5293@cumc.columbia.edu

Ronald Liem, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: P&S 15-421
Phone: 212-305-4078
Email: rkl2@cumc.columbia.edu

Fangming Lin, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Kidney injury and repair using a variety of mouse models. 

Address: P&S 9-401B
Phone: 212-305-0793
Email: fl2300@columbia.edu

X. Shawn Liu, PhD

Research Interests: Epigenome in physiology and disease

Address: Russ Berrie 403
Phone: 212-851-5340
Email: sl4738@cumc.columbia.edu

Stavros Lomvardas, PhD

Research Interests: Sensory Physiology, Snapses and Circuits

Address: JLGSC L4-007
Phone: 212-853-0410
Email: sl682@cumc.columbia.edu

Chao Lu, PhD

Research Interests: Chromatin Biology, Cancer Biology, Developmental Biology, Genomics and Epigenomics

Address: ICRC 312
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: cl3684@cumc.columbia.edu

Emily Mace, PhD

Research Interests: cell migration, primary immunodeficiencies, microscopy and image analysis, human natural killer cells, innate immunity

Address: P&S 10-451
Phone: 212-305-7836
Email: em3375@cumc.columbia.edu

Gustavo Maegawa, MD, PhD

Research Interests: lysosomal diseases

Address: CHN 7
Email: gm3025@cumc.columbia.edu

Christopher Makinson, PhD

Research Interests: Using a multi-modal approach to understand the complex relationships between early developmental genetic impairments and evolving disease phenotypes.

Address: HHSC 
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: cm3966@cumc.columbia.edu

Filippo Mancia, PhD

Research Interests: Structure and function of membrane proteins.

Address: Russ Berrie 528
Phone: 212-851-5367
Email: fm123@columbia.edu

Tom Maniatis, PhD

Research Interests: Regulation of RNA Transcription and Splicing, The Role of Neuroinflammation in ALS , Neurobiology of Disease, Synapses and Circuits, Stem Cell Biology, ALS Disease Mechanisms, Genetic Basis of Neurological Diseases

Address: HHSC 304
Phone: 212-305-3669
Email: tm2472@cumc.columbia.edu

Richard Mann, PhD

Research Interests: Stem Cell Biology, Neurogenetics, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: HHSC 1104
Phone: 212-305-7731
Email: rsm10@columbia.edu

Andrew Marks, MD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of intracellular calcium release channels and their relevance to human disease.

Address: Russ Berrie 520
Phone: 212-851-5340
Email: arm42@columbia.edu

Steven Marx, MD

Research Interests: Molecular biology/macromolecular complex formation of ion channels

Address: PH 3
Phone: 212-305-0271
Email: sm460@columbia.edu

Carol Mason, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: JLGSC L3-043
Phone: 212-853-1084
Email: cam4@cumc.columbia.edu

Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD

Research Interests: Identification of progenitors important for formation and regeneration of the urothelium, Stem cell populations that give rise to bladder cancers, Genetics of lower urinary tract malformations as part of the Columbia University O'Brien Research Center (http://cumcobriencenter.com/), Generating a molecular and cellular atlas of the mouse and human lower urinary tract (https://beta.gudmap.org/tutorials/urogenital-dev/), Role of Pparg in urothelial development, regeneration and bladder cancer

Address: ICRC 311
Phone: 212-851-4781
Email: clm20@cumc.columbia.edu

Vilas Menon, PhD

Research Interests: applies state-of-the-art computational and experimental methods to generate and analyze large-scale molecular data in the context of neurological disease

Address: PH 19
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: vm2545@cumc.columbia.edu

George Mentis, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Sensory Physiology, Synapses and Circuits, Motor Systems

Address: P&S 4-450
Phone: 212-305-9846
Email: gzm2002@columbia.edu

Jae-eun Miller, PhD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience, Synapses and Circuits, Brain Imaging, Neural Degeneration and Repair

Address: NYSPI 
Phone: 212-854-5023
Email: jkm2149@cumc.columbia.edu

Kenneth Miller, PhD

Research Interests: Theoretical Neuroscience, Sensory Physiology, Synapses and Circuits, Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience

Address: JLGSC L6-070
Phone: 212-853-1086
Email: kdm2103@columbia.edu

Joshua Milner, MD

Research Interests: Immunopathogenesis of genetic diseases that lead to allergic symptoms.

Address: PH 17 E 101
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: jdm2249@cumc.columbia.edu

Yalda Moayedi-Esfahani, PhD

Research Interests: understand the somatosensory neurons that innervate the oral cavity and upper airway, and how they contribute to orally-guided functions such as flavor perception, feeding mechanics, and speech. 

Address: P&S 9-449
Email: ym2471@cumc.columbia.edu

Fatemeh Momen-Heravi, DDS, PhD, MPH, MS

Research Interests: Understanding the interplay between the immune system and tumors to identify actionable molecular targets for head and neck cancer and other solid tumor treatments; examining the role of extracellular vesicles/exosomes in metastasis and mediating cellular cross talk, and hacking this cross talk by genetic engineering; as well as exploring the role of innate immunity in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and its convergence with diabetes and carcinogenesis.

Address: PH 7-200
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: fm2540@cumc.columbia.edu

Umrao Monani, PhD

Research Interests: Pediatric Neurology, Neurobiology of Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Synapses and Circuits

Address: P&S 5-422
Phone: 212-342-5132
Email: um2105@columbia.edu

Anne Moscona, MD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of paramyxoviruses, viral entry, prevention of viral infection. 

Address: HHSC 13
Phone: 212-305-3647
Email: am939@cumc.columbia.edu

Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, DPhil

Research Interests: Biology of blood development, in particular, malignant and pre-malignant diseases such as myelodysplasia (MDS) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).

Address: ICRC 603
Phone: 212-851-4617
Email: sm3252@columbia.edu

Natura Myeku, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding proteinopathy-induced diseases and their relationship with protein quality control in the cell.

Address: P&S
Phone: 212-304-7884
Email: nm2631@cumc.columbia.edu

Marta Olah, PhD

Research Interests: microglia phenotypes associated with brain plasticity and regeneration

Address: NI
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: mo2738@cumc.columbia.edu

Kenneth Olive, PhD

Research Interests: Preclinical therapeutics in genetically engineered mouse models of pancreatic cancer

Address: ICRC Room 217
Phone: 212-851-4678
Email: kenolive@columbia.edu

Jordan Orange, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Pediatric primary immunodeficiency and the immunobiology of human natural killer cells.

Address: PH 18
Phone: 212-305-2934
Email: jso2121@cumc.columbia.edu

David Owens, PhD

Research Interests: The contributions of stem cells and differentiated cells to epidermal cancer

Address: Russ Berrie 312A
Phone: 212-851-4544
Email: do2112@cumc.columbia.edu

Edward Owusu-Ansah, PhD

Research Interests: Secretory factors propagating mitochondrial stress responses between tissues.

Address: BB 1103
Phone: 212-342-1547
Email: eo2364@columbia.edu

Utpal Pajvani, MD, PhD

Research Interests: The role of developmental pathways in the regulation of Type 2 Diabetes, and the use of existing therapeutic agents in other scientific areas in novel applications to ameliorate obesity-induced insulin resistance.

Address: Russ Berrie 313A
Phone: 212-851-5494
Email: up2104@columbia.edu

Arthur Palmer, PhD

Research Interests: NMR spectroscopy to study the structures and dynamical properties of proteins and other macromolecules.

Address: BB 511
Phone: 212-305-8675
Email: agp6@cumc.columbia.edu

Teresa Palomero Vazquez, PhD

Research Interests: the elucidation of the genetic and molecular bases of T-cell leukemia and lymphoma, with special interest in the development of targeted therapies for the treatment of these aggressive hematologic tumors

Address: ICRC 401B
Phone: 212-851-4778
Email: tp2151@cumc.columbia.edu

Liam Paninski, PhD

Research Interests: Brain Imaging, Theoretical Neuroscience, Sensory Physiology

Address: 1255 Amsterdam Ave 1028
Phone: 212-851-2166
Email: lmp2107@columbia.edu

Laura Pasqualucci, MD

Research Interests: Elucidating the genetic basis of mature B cell malignancies, with emphasis on the two most common subtypes, diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and follicular lymphoma (FL)

Address: ICRC 507B
Phone: 212-851-5248
Email: lp171@cumc.columbia.edu

Emmanuelle Passegue, PhD

Research Interests: Stem cells in tissue homeostasis and aging, Hematopoietic stem cell biology, Myeloid malignancies

Address: HHSC 726A
Phone: 212-305-2433
Email: ep2828@columbia.edu

Itsik Pe'er, PhD

Research Interests: Study, develop and apply novel computational methods in human genetics.

Address: 505 Computer Science
Phone: 212-939-7135
Email: ip2169@columbia.edu

Livio Pellizzoni, PhD

Research Interests: RNA biology, RNA processing, motor neuron biology and diseases, molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, synapses and circuits, cellular/molecular/developmental neuroscience

Address: P&S 5-421
Phone: 212-305-3046
Email: lp2284@columbia.edu

Anna Penn, MD, PhD

Research interest: Neonatology

Address: PH 17
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: aap2216@cumc.columbia.edu

Yueqing Peng, PhD

Research interest: the circuit, cellular, and molecular mechanisms underlying sleep regulation in both normal and diseased brains

Address: HHSC 513
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: yp2249@cumc.columbia.edu

Martin Picard, PhD

Research Interests: Mitochondrial genetics (mtDNA), Cellular Signaling , Mitochondrial Synapses and Network Behavior , Stress Pathophysiology, Epigenetics , Systems Biology, Clinical Mitochondrial Disease

Address: PH 1540 N
Phone: 646-774-5026
Email: mp3484@columbia.edu

Franck Polleux, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cell Specification and Differentiation

Address: JLGSC L5-055
Phone: 212-853-0407
Email: fp2304@cumc.columbia.edu

Liza Pon, PhD

Research Interests: Cytosketetal control of organelle movements and segregation during cell division

Address: P&S 14-442
Phone: 212-305-1947
Email: lap5@cumc.columbia.edu

Matteo Porotto, PhD

Research Interests: Mechanism of measles CNS adaptation, viral fusion, antiviral approaches. 

Address: 622 W 168th Street
Phone: 212-305-4193
Email: mp3509@columbia.edu

Alice Prince, MD

Research Interests: Bacterial induction of cytokine signaling in epithelial cells

Address: BB 4-418
Phone: 212-305-4193
Email: asp7@columbia.edu

Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neurodegeneration, Neurobiology of Disease, Molecular and Cellular Biology of Neurodegeneration , Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neuron Biology and Diseases, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Mitochondria Biology and Disease, Mitophagy, Neuroinflammation, Microglia, Astrocytes, Apoptosis, Necroptosis, Bioinfomatics, High-throughput Screening, Stem Cell Biology, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Motor Systems

Address: P&S 5-420
Phone: 212-342-4119
Email: sp30@cumc.columbia.edu

Molly Przeworski, PhD

Research Interests: to understand how natural selection has shaped patterns of genetic variation, and to identify the causes and consequences of variation in recombination and mutation rates, in humans and other organisms

Address: Fairchild 606A
Phone: 212-854-9063
Email: mp3284@columbia.edu

Jianwen Que, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem/progenitor cells of the foregut.

Address: BB 810
Phone: 212-305-5961
Email: jq2240@cumc.columbia.edu

Raul Rabadan, PhD

Resarch Interests: Developing mathematical and computational tools to extract useful biological information from large data sets.

Address: ICRC 803B
Phone: 212-851-5141
Email: rr2579@columbia.edu

Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of picornavirus replication and pathogenesis. 

Address: HHSC 1310B
Phone: 212-305-5707
Email: vrr1@columbia.edu

Kapil Ramachandran, PhD

Research Interests: Protein homeostasis, molecular neuroscience, cellular neuroscience, proteasome, neuromodulation, local protein synthesis, local protein degradation, Alzheimer’s Disease, neurodegeneration, neuroimmunology. 

Address: BB 1206/1208
Phone: 212-305-0410
Email: kvr2113@cumc.columbia.edu

Muredach Reilly, MBBCh, MSCE

Research Interests: Translational and genomic studies of human cardiometabolic disorders. 

Address: PH-10-305
Phone: 212-305-9453
Email: mpr2144@cumc.columbia.edu

Steven Reiner, MD

Research Interests: Regeneration of T and B cell immunity

Address: HHSC 912A
Phone: 212-305-5177
Email: sr2978@columbia.edu

Ran Reshef, MD

Research Interests: Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation.

Address: MHB 6N-435
Phone: 212-342-0530
Email: rr3036@cumc.columbia.edu

Tannishtha Reya, PhD

Research Interests: Cancer Progression, Cancer Therapy Resistance, Pancreatic Cancer, Leukemia, Stem Cells, Imaging

Address: Russ Berrie
Email: tr2726@cumc.columbia.edu

Rodney Rothstein, PhD

Research Interests: Yeast genetic and cell biological approaches to understand the cellular response to DNA damage & the mechanisms of genetic recombination; Genomic approaches to understand the control of genome stability in yeast as well as normal & cancer cells.

Address: HHSC 1608
Phone: 212-305-1733
Email: rothstein@cancercenter.columbia.edu

Amy Rumora, PhD

Research Interests: Identify molecular mechanisms underlying the development of peripheral neuropathy (PN).

Address: NI 3rd Floor
Email: aer2219@cumc.columbia.edu

Anil Rustgi, MD

Research Interests: Gastrointestinal tumors

Address: ICRC 2nd Floor
Phone: 212-851-4764
Email: akr2164@cumc.columbia.edu

Viraj Sanghvi, PhD

Research Interests: pathobiology of HIV-1

Address: BB 903
Email: vs2869@cumc.columbia.edu

Juan Manuel Schvartzman, MD, PhD

Research Interests: understanding how extra- and intra-cellular metabolism regulate chromatin biology

Address: HIP 8th Floor
Email: js5279@cumc.columbia.edu

Robert Schwabe, MD

Research Interests: elucidate mechanisms by which fibrosis and cancer develop in the chronically injured liver using mouse models, patient samples as well as novel Systems Biology approaches

Address: ICRC 9-926
Phone: 212-851-5462
Email: rfs2102@cumc.columbia.edu

Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Biophysics/Ion Channels, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: JLGSC L4-046
Phone: 212-853-1117
Email: lss8@columbia.edu

Nikhil Sharma, PhD

Research Interests: 

Address: P&S 7th Floor
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: ns2151@cumc.columbia.edu

Michael Shen, PhD

Research Interests: Investigating the molecular mechanisms of mammalian development and cancer using in vivo analyses of genetically-engineered mouse models. 

Address: ICRC 217B
Phone: 212-851-4723
Email: ms3625@cumc.columbia.edu

Yufeng Shen, PhD

Research Interests: Human biology and diseases using genomic and computational approaches.

Address: ICRC 803B
Phone: 212-851-4662
Email: ys2411@columbia.edu

Mimi Shirasu-Hiza, PhD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neurogenetics, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Circadian-regulated metabolism, Glial development and pathology, Sleep, Mitochondria biology and disease

Address: HHSC 1602
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: ms4095@columbia.edu

Neil Shneider, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair , Models of Neurological Disorders, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Neurobiology of Disease, Genetic Basis of Neurological Disease

Address: P&S 5-423
Phone: 212-342-3107
Email: nshneider@columbia.edu

Steven Siegelbaum, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular Studies of Ion Channel Structure and Function, Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity in the Mammalian Brain, Synapses and Circuits, Biophysics/ion Channels, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Models of Psychiatric Disorders

Address: JLGSC L7-001
Phone: 212-853-1056
Email: sas8@cumc.columbia.edu

Markus Siegelin, MD

Research Interests: Identification of novel treatment strategies for solid tumors by elucidation of novel metabolic vulnerabilities and their impact on cell death signaling.

Address: P&S 14-511B
Phone: 212-305-1993
Email: ms4169@cumc.columbia.edu

Peter Sims, PhD

Research Interests: Developing new tools for single cell and cell type-specific analysis, focusing mainly on transcriptional and translational regulation. 

Address: Lasker 203AC
Phone: 212-851-5369
Email: pas2182@columbia.edu

Mijo Simunovic, PhD

Research Interests: Creates quantitative models of embryogenesis using human pluripotent stem cells, to study the molecular mechanisms and the biomechanics of embryo implantation, gastrulation, and organ formation

Address: Mud 801
Phone: 212-854-4453
Email: ms6051@columbia.edu

Tarjinder Singh, PhD

Research Interests: Using genomics and big data to uncover insights into the etiology of mental illnesses. Statistical Genetics, Genomics, Genome-wide Association Studies, Analysis of Human Sequence Data, Genetic Etiology of Psychiatric disorders, Functional Interpretation of Genetic Risk.

Address: Kolb Research Annex 519
Phone: 646-774-7510
Email: ts3475@cumc.columbia.edu

Scott Small, MD

Research Interests: Brain Imaging, Neurobiology of Disease, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neural Degeneration and Repair

Address: P&S Box 16
Phone: 212-305-9194
Email: sas68@columbia.edu

Joanna Smeeton, PhD

Address: Harkness Pavilion 199
Phone: 212-305-1890
Email: jms2504@cumc.columbia.edu

Hans-Willem Snoeck, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Hematopoietic stem cell biology. 

Address: BB15-1511
Phone: (212) 342- 0182
Email: hs2680@columbia.edu

Alexander Sobolevsky, PhD

Research Interests: Structure and function of ion channels.

Address: BB 513
Phone: 212-305-4249
Email: as4005@columbia.edu

Janet Sparrow, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the composition of RPE bisretinoid lipofuscin and conditions modulating its formation, Investigating links between RPE lipofuscin and drusen formation in age-related macular degeneration, Development of therapies to limit RPE lipofuscin formation, Interpretation of patterns of fundus autofluorescence in retinal disorders, Quantitation of fundus autofluorescence intensities

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 701
Phone: 212-305-9944
Email: jrs88@columbia.edu

Steven Spitalnik, MD

Research Interests: The biology of red blood cells

Address: P&S 14-434
Phone: 212-305-2204
Email: ss2479@cumc.columbia.edu

Anna-Lena Steckelberg, PhD

Research Interests: RNA-protein interactions at the host-virus interface. 

Address: HHSC 501
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: as6282@cumc.columbia.edu

Samuel Sternberg, PhD

Research Interests: Exploring and exploiting CRISPR–Cas immune systems. 

Address: HHSC 902
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: shs2107@columbia.edu

Brent Stockwell, PhD

Research Interests: Diagramming disease networks with chemical and biological tools.

Address: Northwest Corner Building
Phone: 212-854-2948
Email: bs2198@columbia.edu

Milan Stojanovic, PhD

Research Interests: Developing self-operating molecular automata, programmed to process information and respond in therapeutically useful ways; sensor arrays for high-resolution analysis and classification of samples of bodily fluids; and molecules that walk and self-organize through well-defined sets of local interactions.

Address: P&S 8-463
Phone: 212-305-6338
Email: mns18@columbia.edu

Gary Struhl, PhD

Research Interests: Organ growth, Cell patterning, Cell-cell signaling

Address: HHSC 1116
Phone: 212-305-3575
Email: gs20@columbia.edu

Yousin Suh, PhD

Research Interests: the (epi)genetic component that underlies the interface of intrinsic aging and disease

Address: P&S 10-420
Phone: 212-305-6832
Email: ys3214@cumc.columbia.edu

David Sulzer, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Neural Degeneration and Repair

Address: BB 305
Phone: 212-305-3967
Email: ds43@columbia.edu

Megan Sykes, MD

Research Interests: Graft-versus-host disease, Graft-versus-leukemia , Transplantation tolerance, Xenotransplantation, Type 1 diabetes autoimmunity

Address: BB 1512
Phone: 212-304-5696
Email: megan.sykes@columbia.edu

Lorraine Symington, PhD

Research Interests: Genetics and biochemistry of DNA recombination and repair in yeast. 

Address: HHSC 1222
Phone: 212-305-4793
Email: lss5@cumc.columbia.edu

Ira Tabas, PhD

Research Interests: Cellular and molecular processes related to arterial wall biology and atherogenesis

Address: PH 8 East 105F
Phone: 212-305-9430
Email: iat1@columbia.edu

Alan Tall, MD

Reserach Interests: Using molecular, genomic and cellular approaches to investigate basic aspects of the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. 

Address: P&S 8-401
Phone: 212-305-9418
Email: art1@columbia.edu

Saeed Tavazoie, PhD

Research Interests: Developing technologies to make routine systems-level observations of the abundance, activity, and interactions of hundreds of thousands of molecular species; developing computational methods to discover biologically meaningful structure in these observations and to build predictive models of interaction and regulation at the level of DNA, RNA, and protein sequences; and searching for organizing principles that govern the function and evolution of molecular networks.

Address: ICRC 810B
Phone: 212-851-5166
Email: st2744@columbia.edu

Alison Taylor, PhD

Research Interests: understanding the role of aneuploidy in tumor development. 

Address: ICRC 309B
Email: at3488@cumc.columbia.edu

Andrew Tomlinson, PhD

Research Interests: Cellular Interactions in Drosophila Development, Cell Specification and Differentiation

Address: HHSC 1120A
Phone: 212-305-7948
Email: at41@columbia.edu

Carol Troy, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Neurobiology of Disease, Regulation of the neurovascular unit

Address: BB 1210C
Phone: 212-305-3119
Email: cmt2@cumc.columbia.edu

Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair , Stem Cell Biology, Sensory Physiology, Genome Surgery, Gene Therapy

Address: Harkness Eye Institute 513
Phone: 212-342-1189
Email: sht2@columbia.edu

Neil Vasan, MD, PhD

Research Interests: using biochemical and proteomic approaches to understand how mutant kinase proteins and modified kinase substrates modulate cancer cell signaling and drug response. 

Address: HIP 10th Floor
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: nv2379@cumc.columbia.edu

Aaron Viny, MD

Research Interests: Using animal modeling and state-of-the-art 3-dimensional genomic techniques to uncover the genetic and epigenetic underpinnings of these diseases in order to find more precise and less toxic treatment modalities. 

Address: BB 11-1103 & 1110
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: adv2105@cumc.columbia.edu

Dennis Vitkup, PhD

Research Interests: Developing and applying novel computational, theoretical and experimental tools and approaches. 

Address: ICRC 803A
Phone: 212-851-5151
Email: dv2121@columbia.edu

Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, PhD

Research Interests: Regenerative medicine, tissue models for stem cell research, and “organs-on-a-chip” platforms for use in precision medicine.

Address: VC 12-234
Phone: 212-305-2304
Email: gv2131@columbia.edu

Clarissa Waites, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Synapses and Circuits

Address: BB 1210B
Phone: 212-305-6025
Email: cw2622@columbia.edu

Harris Wang, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding the key principles that drive the formation, maintenance, and evolution of genomes within and across microbial populations

Address: Lasker 2-203BB
Phone: 212-305-1697
Email: hw2429@cumc.columbia.edu

Jianlong Wang, PhD

Research Interests: molecular control of stem cell potency underlying embryonic stem cell (ESC) pluripotency, somatic cell reprogramming, and totipotency-to-pluripotency transition during early development

Address: BB 801
Phone: 212-342-3180
Email: jw3925@cumc.columbia.edu

Robert Wechsler-Reya, PhD

Research Interests: study the signals that control cell growth and differentiation in the nervous system and how these signals are dysregulated in brain tumors.

Address: NI 9th Floor
Email: rjw2169@cumc.columbia.edu

Hynek Wichterle, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Stem Cell Biology, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: P&S 14th Floor
Phone: 212-342-3929
Email: hw350@columbia.edu

Chris Wiggins, PhD

Research Interests: applications of machine learning in biology

Address: 205 SW Mudd
Phone: 212-854-1114
Email: chris.wiggins@columbia.edu

Yvon Woappi, PhD

Research Interests: Investigate how varied cells synchronize their activities to restore damaged tissue. 

Address: Russ Berrie 610
Email: cyw4024@cumc.columbia.edu

Howard Worman, MD

Research Interests: Our laboratory is interested in determining how mutations in genes encoding proteins of the inner nuclear membrane cause a wide variety of inherited diseases, including muscular dystrophies, cardiomyopathy, lipodystophy and accelerated aging disorders., We are also intrested in liver diseases, including fatty liver disease and autoimmune liver diseasess such as primary biliary cirrhosis.

Address: P&S 10-508
Phone: 212-305-8156
Email: hjw14@columbia.edu

Xuebing Wu, PhD

Research Interests: understanding the fundamental principles of gene regulation in human cells through integrative genomics approaches

Address: Lasker 430A
Phone: 212-304-7615
Email: xw2629@cumc.columbia.edu

Ai Yamamoto, PhD

Research Interests: Roles of macroautophagy in the healthy and diseased CNS, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Disease, Protein trafficking

Address: Black Building 301B
Phone: 212-305-9206
Email: ay46@columbia.edu

Darrell Yamashiro, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Tumor genetics. 

Address: Irving Pavilion 7
Phone: 212-305-5808
Email: dy39@columbia.edu

Kelley Yan, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Intestinal stem cell biology, Intestinal epithelial biology, Regenerative medicine, Cell fate, Single-cell genomics

Address: BB 8-801B
Phone: 212-342-1593
Email: ky2004@cumc.columbia.edu

Dian Yang, PhD

Research Interests: Integrating CRISPR technologies, single-cell genomics, in vivo cancer modeling and computational analysis, providing a new paradigm to study tumor evolution

Address: BB 705-B
Email: dy2491@cumc.columbia.edu

Guang Yang, PhD

Research Interests: immune cells, anesthetics and sleep regulate changes in neural circuits that are important for sensory processing and memory formation

Address: Eye Institute 305
Phone: 212-342-0023
Email: gy2268@cumc.columbia.edu

Hee Won Yang, PhD

Research Interests: Cancer biology, Systems biology, Cell biology, Synthetic biology

Address: P&S 14-503
Phone: 212-305-1966
Email: hy2602@cumc.columbia.edu

Andrew Yates, PhD

Research Interests: Integrating theoretical and computational tools with more traditional experimental approaches to study multiple aspects of lymphocyte dynamics.

Address: HHSC 310
Phone: 212-305-4035
Email: andrew.yates@columbia.edu

Rafael Yuste, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Biophysics/Ion Channels, Brain Imaging, Theoretical Neuroscience, Synapses and Circuits, Systems and Circuits

Address: Northwest Corner Building 906
Phone: 212-854-2354
Email: rmy5@columbia.edu

Sara Zaccara, PhD

Research Interests: m6A epitranscriptomics

Address: Lasker 2nd Floor
Email: sz3145@cumc.columbia.edu

Lori Zeltser, PhD

Research Interests: Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Sympathetic Innervation of Brown Adipose Tissue, Maternal Programming of Metabolic Disease, Models of Psychiatric Disorders (Anorexia), Circuits Regulating Food Intake and Body Weight

Address: Russ Berrie 628
Phone: 212-851-5314
Email: lz146@columbia.edu

Shan Zha, MD, PhD

Research Interests: The molecular mechanisms of DNA damage response and their roles in lymphocyte gene-rearrangement

Address: ICRC 505A
Phone: 212-851-4779
Email: sz2296@columbia.edu

Chaolin Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: RNA biology; neuronal alternative splicing; RNA-based precision medicine for neurologic disorder

Address: P&S 4-448
Phone: 212-305-9354
Email: cz2294@columbia.edu

Hanrui Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: mechanisms and therapeutic implications of macrophage heterogeneity and plasticity in cardiometabolic diseases

Address: PH 10
Phone: 212-304-7905
Email: hz2418@cumc.columbia.edu

Xin Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: Cell Specification and Differentiation, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Glial Development and Pathology, Neural Degeneration and Repair

Address: EI 902A
Phone: 212-342-4446
Email: xz2369@columbia.edu

Zhiguo Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: Epigenetic inheritance and Cancer Epigenetics

Address: ICRC 407A
Phone: 212-851-4936
Email: zz2401@cumc.columbia.edu

Xiao Zhao, MD

Research Interests: understanding how cellular heterogeneity contributes to the pathogenesis of human liver disease using cholangiocyte biology as a platform.

Address: ICRC 2nd Floor
Email: xz2929@cumc.columbia.edu

Charles Zuker, PhD

Research Interests: Brain Imaging, Sensory Physiology, Neurogenetics, Synapses and Circuits

Address: JLGSC L8-043
Phone: 212-854-1038
Email: cz2195@cumc.columbia.edu