Stephen G. Emerson, MD

  • Clyde '56 and Helen Wu Professor of Immunology (in Medicine)
  • Professor of Microbiology and Immunology (in the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center)

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Academic Appointments

  • Clyde '56 and Helen Wu Professor of Immunology (in Medicine)
  • Professor of Microbiology and Immunology (in the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center)


Dr. Emerson’s laboratory studies the genes shared by stem cell self-renewal programs and T cell memory developmental pathways. He also serves as the Director of Columbia University’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, in which role he recruits, integrates and supports basic, translational, and population research.


Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant.

5P30 CA013696-40 (Emerson)


Dr. Emerson is the Director of Columbia University’s HICCC, and is the PI of the Institution’s Core Grant.

Selected Publications

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