Raju Tomer, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (Columbia University)

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  • Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (Columbia University)


My research has been focused on development of enabling molecular, optical and computational methods that allow an integrated systems level understanding of the brain at multiple levels: evolution (Tomer et al. 2010, Cell; Pettit* & Tomer* et al. 2014, PLoS Comp. Bio.), development (Tomer et al. 2012, Nat. Methods), structure (Tomer et al. 2014, Nat. Protocols; Lerner et al. 2015, Cell; Tomer et al. 2015 Cell.) and function (Tomer et al., 2015 Cell).

Research Interests

  • Brain Imaging
  • Cell Specification and Differentiation
  • Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience
  • Stem Cell Biology

Selected Publications

Scalable projected Light Sheet Microscopy for high-resolution imaging of living and cleared samples.
Chen Y, Chauhan C, Gong C, Dayton H, Xu C, De La Cruz ED, Datta MS, Leong KW, Dietrich LEP, Tomer R
bioRxiv July 18, 2023 [ Link ]

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