​Microbiology and Immunology

Nicholas Arpaia, PhD

Research Interests: Mucosal immunity, tissue repair, immunometabolism, host-microbe interactions

Address: HHSC 910C
Phone: 212-305-1379
Email: na2697@cumc.columbia.edu

Uttiya Basu, PhD

Research Interests: RNA surveillance, noncoding RNA processing and DNA alteration events in lymphocytes

Address: HHSC 1308
Phone: 212-305-1815
Email: ub2121@columbia.edu

Hachung Chung, PhD

Research Interests: Understanding how self-RNA sensing shapes human immune responses

Address: 701 West 168 Street 12 Floor
Phone: 212-305-3567
Email: hc3070@cumc.columbia.edu

Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD

Research Interests: Identification of the genetic lesions involved in the pathogenesis of human B cell tumors

Address: ICRC 508
Phone: 212-851-5273
Email: rd10@columbia.edu

Lei Ding, PhD

Research Interests: Mechanisms, particularly cell-extrinsic mechanisms, that regulate hematopoietic stem cell function

Address: P&S 7-513
Phone: 212-305-7468
Email: ld2567@columbia.edu

Jonathan Dworkin, PhD

Research Interests: how dormant cells of various bacteria (B. subtilis, M. tuberculosis, and M. luteus) re-initiate growth

Address: HHSC 1218
Phone: 212-342-3731
Email: jed2113@columbia.edu

Donna Farber, PhD

Research Interests: Immunological memory and memory T cells

Address: BB 1501
Phone: 212-305-6030
Email: df2396@columbia.edu

David Fidock, PhD

Research Interests: Malaria drug resistance, chemotherapy, pathogenesis, fatty acid metabolism, cell development

Address: HHSC 1502
Phone: 212-305-0816
Email: df2260@columbia.edu

Ryan Gaudet, PhD

Research Interests: Anti-pathogen effector mechanisms, innate immunity, tissue-specific responses

Address: HHSC 12th Floor
Email: rg3477@cumc.columbia.edu

Sankar Ghosh, PhD

Research Interests: Inflammation, immune responses and cancer

Phone: 212-305-3647
Email: sg2715@columbia.edu

Stephen Goff, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of retrovirus replication; tyrosine kinases and signal transduction pathways

Address: HHSC 1310C
Phone: 212-305-3794
Email: goff@cancercenter.columbia.edu

Maxwell Gottesman, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Transcription termination in E. coli and bacteriophage, repair of double-strand breaks in eukaryotic DNA

Address: HHSC 914
Phone: 212-305-6900
Email: meg8@columbia.edu

Arnold Han, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Tumor immunity and mucosal autoimmunity

Address: BB 15-1501E
Phone: 212-305-2137
Email: ash3@cumc.columbia.edu

Yiping Han, PhD

Research Interests: Host-pathogen interactions, human microbiome, oral-systemic connections

Address: HHSC 1514
Phone: 212-342-1414
Email: ywh2102@columbia.edu

Chi-Min Ho, PhD

Research Interests: Host-pathogen interactions, membrane protein complexes, malaria, cyro electron microscopy and tomography

Address: 701 West 168th Street 12 Floor
Phone: 212-342-3054
Email: ch3516@cumc.columbia.edu

Yuefeng Huang, PhD

Research Interests: Innate lymphoid cells in infectious and inflammatory diseases

Address: HHSC 1504
Phone: 212-305-2520
Email: yh3102@cumc.columbia.edu

Ivaylo Ivanov, PhD

Research Interests: Regulation of mucosal immunity by commensal bacteria

Address: HHSC 910A
Phone: 212-304-6080
Email: ii2137@columbia.edu

Anne Moscona, MD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of paramyxoviruses, viral entry, prevention of viral infection

Address: HHSC 13
Phone: 212-305-3647
Email: am939@cumc.columbia.edu

Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular biology of picornavirus replication and pathogenesis

Address: HHSC 1310B
Phone: 212-305-5707
Email: vrr1@columbia.edu

Steven Reiner, MD

Research Interests: T cell immunity to cancer and infection

Address: HHSC 912A
Phone: 212-305-5177
Email: sr2978@columbia.edu

Hans-Willem Snoeck, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Hematopoietic stem cell biology

Address: BB15-1511
Phone: (212) 342- 0182
Email: hs2680@columbia.edu

Megan Sykes, MD

Research Interests: Bone marrow transplantation and transplantation immunology

Address: P&S 11-508
Phone: 212-305-3647
Email: megan.sykes@columbia.edu

Lorraine Symington, PhD

Research Interests: Genetics and biochemistry of DNA recombination and repair in yeast

Address: HHSC 916
Phone: 212-305-7753
Email: lss5@columbia.edu