​Biomedical Informatics

Mohammed AlQuraishi, PhD

Research Interests: the intersection of machine learning, biophysics, and systems biology

Address: PH 18-200
Email: ma4129@cumc.columbia.edu

Suzanne Bakken, DNSc

Research Interests: HIV/AIDS, Chronic disease, Clinical decision support, Health disparities, Informatics, Interventions for patient self-management, Health literacy, Data and information visualizations, Community engagement

Address: 560 W 168th Street Rm 629
Phone: 212-305-1278
Email: sbh22@cumc.columbia.edu

Andrea Califano, PhD

Research Interests: Using systems biology principles to elucidate and then investigate cell regulatory networks. 

Address: ICRC 912
Phone: 212-851-5183
Email: ac2248@columbia.edu

Noémie Elhadad, PhD

Research Interests: Machine learning, natural language processing, and medicine.

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-0509
Email: ne60@columbia.edu

Pierre Elias, PhD

Research Interests: Machine learning technologies for medical imaging to improve the detection and management of cardiovascular disease.

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-1606
Email: pae2115@cumc.columbia.edu

Gamze Gürsoy, PhD

Research Interests: Specializing in genetic data privacy, a critically important aspect of genomic research.

Address: PH 20
Email: gg2845@cumc.columbia.edu

George Hripcsak, MD

Research Interests: Clinical information stored in electronic health records and development of next-generation health record systems. 

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-5712
Email: gh13@cumc.columbia.edu

Shalmali Joshi, PhD

Research Interests: Make machine learning more reliable for clinical healthcare.

Address: PH 20
Phone: 617-460-5224
Email: sj3261@cumc.columbia.edu

Tal Korem, PhD

Research interest: downstream development of microbiome-based therapeutics using machine learning, network inference and metabolic modelling to obtain a mechanistic understanding of host-microbiome interactions in clinically relevant settings.

Address: PH 18, 201J
Phone: 212-305-3882
Email: tk2889@cumc.columbia.edu

Rita Kukafka, DrPH

Research Interests: Patient and community engagement technologies, risk communication, decision science, and implementation of health promoting and disease prevention technologies into clinical workflow. 

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-9193
Email: rk326@cumc.columbia.edu

Lena Mamykina, PhD

Research Interests: Individual’s sensemaking and problem-solving in context of health management, collective sensemaking within online health support communities, clinical reasoning and decision-making, communication and coordination of work in clinical teams, and ways to support these practices with informatics interventions.

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-3923
Email: om2196@cumc.columbia.edu

Karthik Natarajan, PhD

Research Interests: Applying scalable information retrieval and text processing methods on clinical data in order to build applications that will support both health professionals and researchers. 

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-0086
Email: kn2174@cumc.columbia.edu

Vimla Patel, PhD

Research Interests: Biomedical informatics and cognitive psychology, and their application in health and medical care settings, especially in the areas of translation of evidence into practice.

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-5643
Email: vp191@cumc.columbia.edu

Itsik Pe'er, PhD

Research Interests: Study, develop and apply novel computational methods in human genetics.

Address: Computer Science Building 505
Phone: 212-939-7135
Email: ip2169@columbia.edu

Raul Rabadan, PhD

Research Interests: Developing mathematical and computational tools to extract useful biological information from large data sets.

Address: PH 18-200
Phone: 212-851-5141
Email: rr2579@cumc.columbia.edu

Sarah Collins Rossetti, RN, PhD

Research Interests: Clinical informatics and patient safety

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-6605
Email: sac2125@cumc.columbia.edu

Patrick Ryan, PhD

Research Interests: to develop and apply analysis methods to better understand the real-world effects of medical products.

Address: PH 20
Email:  pbr2118@cumc.columbia.edu

Yufeng Shen, PhD

Research Interests: Developing and applying computational methods to study human genetics and diseases.

Address: ICRC 803B
Phone: 212-851-4662
Email: ys2411@cumc.columbia.edu

David Vawdrey, PhD

Research Interests: Improving electronic documentation, using information technology to support clinical collaboration and handoffs in care, and enhancing patient engagement.

Address: PH 20
Phone: 212-305-9801
Email: dkv2101@columbia.edu

Dennis Vitkup, PhD

Research Interests: Reconstructing biological networks, understanding the evolution of biological networks, and developing efficient methods to simulate networks. 

Address: ICRC 803A
Phone: 212-851-5151
Email: dv2121@cumc.columbia.edu

Chunhua Weng, PhD

Research Interests: Reusing EHR data to develop patient representations, novel techniques for developing patient representations from text, automated and semi-automated methods for populating these representations using text, and system designs to apply these representations to improve human workflow and information quality for clinical research processes. 

Address: PH 20
Phone: 646-734-9159
Email: cw2384@columbia.edu