​Genetics and Development

Adam Bass, MD

Research Interests: genomics of gastrointestinal cancers

Address: ICRC 3rd Floor
Phone: 212-305-2055
Email: ab5147@cumc.columbia.edu

Wellington Cardoso, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Progenitor/Stem cell biology , Lung development and repair-regeneration, Airway epithelial differentiation and pathogenesis of chronic airway diseases, Developmental basis of adult lung disease

Address: BB 8-812
Phone: 212-342-3971
Email: wvc2104@columbia.edu

Chia-Wei Cheng, PhD

Research Interests: the interface of nutritional and transcriptional regulatory networks

Address: BB 1109
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: cc4688@cumc.columbia.edu

Christine Chio, PhD

Research Interests: preclinical therapeutics in genetically engineered mouse models of pancreatic cancer, redox biology, cancer metabolism, ex vivo 3D organoid platforms to study pancreatic cancer

Address: ICRC 505
Phone: 212-851-4967
Email: ic2445@cumc.columbia.edu

Angela Christiano, PhD

Research Interests: Studying inherited skin and hair disorders using a classical genetic approach through identification and phenotyping of disease families, genetic linkage, gene discovery and mutation analysis.

Address: Russ Berrie 307
Phone: 212-851-4850
Email: amc65@cumc.columbia.edu

Alberto Ciccia, PhD

Research Interests: Maintenance of genome stability, Breast and ovarian cancer, Genome editing

Address: ICRC 309
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: ac3685@columbia.edu

Frank Costantini, PhD

Research Interests: Genetic control of epithelial branching morphogenesis during kidney development in the mouse

Address: HHSC 1418
Phone: 212-305-6814
Email: fdc3@columbia.edu

Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD

Research Interests: pathogenesis of cancers derived from B lymphocytes, known as B cell lymphomas

Address: ICRC 508
Phone: 212-851-5273
Email: rd10@columbia.edu

Jean Gautier, PhD

Research Interests: Using Xenopus laevis cell-free extracts to study DNA replication and repair

Address: ICRC 603A
Phone: 212-851-4566
Email: jg130@columbia.edu

Vincenzo Gennarino, PhD

Research Interests: RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNA regulatory networks in neurological disorders, Establishment and maintenance of RNA homeostasis in the brain, Developing RNA therapeutic approaches to neurological diseases, Protein dosage and neurological disorders

Address: HHSC 1402
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: vag2138@cumc.columbia.edu

Maxwell Gottesman, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Regulation of transcription termination in E. coli and bacteriophage, Repair of DNA damage in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, Hormonal regulation of gene expression, phage HK022 Nun transcription termination protein

Address: HHSC 914
Phone: 212-305-6900
Email: meg8@columbia.edu

Iva Greenwald, PhD

Research Interests: LIN-12/Notch signaling and its modulation, cell-cell interactions and cell fate specification , integration of signaling events in development, organogenesis

Address: Fairchild 804A
Phone: 212-853-6928
Email: isg4@columbia.edu

Oliver Hobert, PhD

Research Interests: Synapses and Circuits, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Neurogenetics, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: Fairchild 805A
Phone: 212-853-0063
Email: or38@columbia.edu

Laura Johnston, PhD

Research Interests: Fitness sensing during organ and tissue growth: internal surveillance mechanisms that promote healthy organ development

Address: HHSC 704
Phone: 212-305-1688
Email: lj180@columbia.edu

Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Skeletal biology

Address: HHSC 1602A
Phone: 212-305-6398
Email: gk2172@columbia.edu

Chao Lu, PhD

Research Interests: Chromatin Biology, Cancer Biology, Developmental Biology, Genomics and Epigenomics

Address: ICRC 312
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: cl3684@cumc.columbia.edu

Richard Mann, PhD

Research Interests: Stem Cell Biology, Neurogenetics, Axon Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: JLGSC L9-001
Phone: 212-853-1028
Email: rsm10@columbia.edu

Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD

Research Interests: Identification of progenitors important for formation and regeneration of the urothelium, Stem cell populations that give rise to bladder cancers, Genetics of lower urinary tract malformations as part of the Columbia University O'Brien Research Center (http://cumcobriencenter.com/), Generating a molecular and cellular atlas of the mouse and human lower urinary tract (https://beta.gudmap.org/tutorials/urogenital-dev/), Role of Pparg in urothelial development, regeneration and bladder cancer

Address: ICRC 311
Phone: 212-851-4781
Email: clm20@cumc.columbia.edu

Rodney Rothstein, PhD

Research Interests: Recognition and repair of DNA damage

Address: HHSC 1608
Phone: 212-305-1733
Email: rjr4@cumc.columbia.edu

Anil Rustgi, MD

Research Interests: Gastrointestinal tumors

Address: ICRC 2nd Floor
Phone: 212-851-4764

Eric Schon, PhD

Research Interests: Mitochondrial genetics and the molecular basis of human mitochondrial disease

Address: VP&S 4-449
Phone: 212-305-1665
Email: eas3@cumc.columbia.edu

Michael Shen, PhD

Research Interests: Mammalian development and cancer using in vivo analyses of genetically-engineered mouse models.

Address: ICRC 217B
Phone: 212-851-4723
Email: ms3625@cumc.columbia.edu

Mimi Shirasu-Hiza, PhD

Research Interests: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neurogenetics, Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience, Circadian-regulated metabolism, Glial development and pathology, Sleep, Mitochondria biology and disease

Address: HHSC 1604
Phone: 212-305-4186
Email: ms4095@cumc.columbia.edu

Joanna Smeeton, PhD

Address: Harkness Pavilion 199
Phone: 212-305-1890
Email: jms2504@cumc.columbia.edu

Gary Struhl, PhD

Research Interests: Organ growth, Cell patterning, Cell-cell signaling

Address: JLGSC L9-035
Phone: 212-853-3575
Email: gs20@cumc.columbia.edu

Yousin Suh, PhD

Research Interests: the (epi)genetic component that underlies the interface of intrinsic aging and disease

Address: P&S 10-420
Phone: 212-305-6832
Email: ys3214@cumc.columbia.edu

Lorraine Symington, PhD

Research Interests: Using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model eukaryotic genetic system to determine the mechanisms of mitotic/somatic genome stability

Address: HHSC 1222
Phone: 212-305-4793
Email: lss5@cumc.columbia.edu

Alison Taylor, PhD

Research Interests: the role of aneuploidy in tumor development

Address: ICRC 309B
Phone: 212-000-0000
Email: at3499@cumc.columbia.edu

Joseph Terwilliger, PhD

Research Interests: Population genetic epidemiology and gene mapping

Address: PH 18-302
Phone: 212-305-4011
Email: jdt3@cumc.columbia.edu

Andrew Tomlinson, PhD

Research Interests: Cellular Interactions in Drosophila Development, Cell Specification and Differentiation

Address: JLGSC L9-027
Phone: 212-853-1034
Email: at41@cumc.columbia.edu

Hynek Wichterle, PhD

Research Interests: Neural Degeneration and Repair, Cell Specification and Differentiation, Stem Cell Biology, Cellular/Molecular/Developmental Neuroscience

Address: VP&S 14-401G
Phone: 212-342-3929
Email: hw350@cumc.columbia.edu

Kelley Yan, MD, PhD

Research Interests: Intestinal stem cell biology, Intestinal epithelial biology, Regenerative medicine, Cell fate, Single-cell genomics

Address: BB 801B
Phone: 212-342-1593
Email: ky2004@cumc.columbia.edu

Zhiguo Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: Epigenetic inheritance and Cancer Epigenetics

Address: ICRC 407A
Phone: 212-851-4936
Email: zz2401@cumc.columbia.edu