‚ÄčNeurobiology and Behavior

Required Courses

  • Two semesters of Survey of Neuroscience
  • Writing Skills for Neuroscientists I, II, III
  • Analysis for Neuroscientists
  • Professional Skills
  • Two advanced electives

Course Listing

  • Advanced Topics in Theoretical Neuroscience (NBHV G6040)
  • Analysis for Neuroscientist (NBHV G6030)
  • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology II (CMBS G6301)
  • Biological Microscope (BIOL GU4290)
  • Genomics & Machine Learning in Neuro Sci (NBHV GR6060)
  • Intro to Python for Neuroscientists (NBHV GR7050)
  • Intro to Theoretical Neuroscience (NBHV G4360)
  • Management and Leadership Skills for Sci (NBHV GR7070)
  • Mathematical Tools for Theoretical Neuro (NBHV GU4359)
  • Neurobio II: Developmental and Systems NB (BIOL GR6005)
  • Principles of Developmental Biology (GEND G4027)
  • Presentation Skills for Neuroscientists (NBHV GR7020)
  • Professional Skills for Neuroscientists (NBHV GR7030)
  • Research in Neurobiology (NBHV G9040)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research/Policy (NBHV G6001)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research/5th year followup (NBHV G9050)
  • Statistics for Basic Science (PHAR G8012)
  • Stem Cell and Cell Lineage (PATH G6100)
  • Student Journal Club (NBHV G4990)
  • Survey of Neuroscience (NBHV G4340)
  • Survey of Neuroscience II (NBHV GR6055)
  • Synaptic Transmission/Plasticity (NBHV G4007)
  • Systems Neuroscience (NBHV G6020)
  • Writing Skills for Neuroscientists (GR7010)