Integrated Program Retreat

July 31, 2018

An important special feature of the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical (CMBS) Program is the biennial program retreat. The most recent retreat was held July 2018 and was organized by CMBS trainees under the supervision of two junior faculty members. The retreat was held at the Mansion at Glen Cove and lasted for two whole days. The retreat was attended by ~125 students and faculty members. The retreat included talks by students and a few junior faculty as well as research poster presentations. There was also time for recreation.

All students after their first year were expected to give a talk or present a poster. Awards were given to students presenting the best posters and talks. Small group meetings were held between students and the program directors to discuss issues of importance to the students. A Keynote speaker was also chosen by the student and faculty organizers, and this year the speaker was Dr. James Hudspeth from Rockefeller University, who gave an eloquent lecture on the mechanics of hearing.